Monthly Archive: July 2023


The End of the COVID-19 Emergency and Health Insurance

The White House began terminating the COVID-19 national emergency declaration in May. That move had deep implications for some of your clients’ health insurance. One emergency declaration mandate required Medicaid to keep people enrolled...


LPL Advisor Headcount Hits New High

The firm’s horizontal expansion work “involves meeting advisors and enterprises where they are in the evolution of the business by creating flexibility in our affiliation model, so they can design the perfect practice for...


Gary Shilling: Investor Exuberance Is ‘Irrational’

Economist and investment advisor A. Gary Shilling reiterated his “risk off” strategy on Friday, calling current market exuberance irrational. Shilling, anticipating credit tightening and a recession, recommended a risk-off strategy in January 2022, and...